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35% off 15-19 Nights

35% off your pet's stay of 15-20 nights! No code required.

35% off your pet's stay of 15-19 nights! No code required.

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35% off 15-19 Nights

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  • Type: Long Stay
  • Minimum Occupation: 1 pet
  • Minimum Stay: 15 nights

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Cancel your reservation up to seven days in advance free of charge!

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How low can you go? Rather than nickel and dime you for every minute your dog spends with us, we consider it a privilege to care for your pet and offer a simple, nightly rate.

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Our site is SSL secure and PCI compliant. We use Stripe as our payment processor, which implements two levels of encryption. Your information is safe with us. We will never sell or share any of your personal data.

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